Zoos and Animal Welfare (Issues That Concern You)

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Introduction — Concepts of animal welfare. Problems to be addressed. Introduction to welfare assessment — behaviour, physiology and motivation, preference and aversion testing etc.

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Examples given in this module include farm animals, companion animals, horses, laboratory animals, zoo animals and wild animals. Functional systems of behaviour: social, feeding, hazard avoidance, body maintenance and implications for welfare.

Abnormal behaviour as an indicator of poor welfare. Motivation, self-awareness and cognition in animals. Motivational investigations in the assessment of welfare.

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Preference testing, operant testing, measures of aversion. Physiological indicators of welfare. Measurement of stress responses.

Immune system function and welfare. Pathological effects of stress.

Relationships between welfare indicators. Using a range of methods in combination to assess welfare. Some case studies of primate welfare assessments will be discussed. View Course 2 timetable. If you are interested in attending the Horse Welfare elements of this course only, please get in touch.

Brookfield Zoo Addresses Ethics of Animal Captivity

Equally, if you want to attend the companion animal and law elements delivered in the first 3 days, let us know. Participants will be expected to have read required material on welfare legislation, companion animal welfare issues, human—animal relationships and horse welfare. Legislation on animal welfare in the UK and the EU in relation to farm animals. Legal protection of animals used in experimentation.

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Transport legislation and guidelines. The veterinary surgeon as expert witness in animal welfare cases. The role of the media in influencing public attitudes to animals and animal issues. Yet the behavioural needs of many of these animals are not being fulfilled in captivity with consequent failings with regard to their health and welfare.

2. Farming Practices

Should these animals be kept as companion animals at all and how can their welfare be optimised? Key welfare issues. Long distance live transport can cause a number of welfare problems including: Mental distress for the animals, due to the unusual and potentially frightening sights, movements, noises, smells, unfamiliar animals and stockpersons they will encounter.

Injuries if the animals are not handled appropriately and carefully during loading and unloading, and transported in well-designed, comfortable vehicles. Hunger and dehydration , if animals are not provided with appropriate food, water and plenty of rest breaks.

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Heat stress , if animals are transported for long periods in hot weather. The risk of these problems occurring increases with journey time. Legislation We are concerned that current laws governing the live transport of animals are not nearly good enough to safeguard animal welfare effectively on long journeys. Enforcement Effective enforcement of live transport laws has over the years been lacking in many EU member states.

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