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Punktown, Shades of Grey by Jeffrey Thomas | | Booktopia

Jeffrey Thomas lives in Massachusetts. Punktown is a far-future megalopolis , infamous for its level of crime.

Even the Chooms, who had lived here before the first Earth people, had come to refer to the city by its nickname of Punktown. The stories tend to feature common citizens as their protagonists, rather than the larger-than-life heroes of cliche science fiction, with few characters recurring — one exception being mutant private eye Jeremy Stake, protagonist of the novels Deadstock and Blue War.

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Beyond their grounding in science fiction, Punktown stories also notably combine elements of horror, fantasy and occasionally detective noir. In interviews Thomas has related how he first devised the city in , [3] with a handful of short stories appearing in small press publications before the collection Punktown was released in The portrayal of Helena here is excellent, making her a sympathetic character in this touching tale of revenge.

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Only in Punktown would cloning be legalized for the sale of macabre art, and only in the hands of this author does this brief but ultimately poignant story elicit sympathy for the bizarre main character — and even more so for his unsuspecting creation. This makes him the perfect thief, until something goes wrong. The idea — a brief encounter between street thugs and a cleaner bot — is decent enough, but would have worked better as a scene for a larger story. More meat, please. The narration, while accomplishing some nice world building, lends heavy emphasis to the day-in-the-life feel to the story, at partial expense to plot.

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At least it seems that way to the maintenance man who takes a liking to one of the younger women there. He begins to notice patterns that border on cultish behavior which eventually lead to more serious consequences. Their performance is part defiance of their culture and part summoning. And while I understand the decision to preface the story with the inevitable, I do wish that it was reserved for the climax which would have beautifully capped the building tension this story evoked.

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The emphasis here is really on the Cthulhu mythos which not only creates a weird atmosphere, but also serves as an excellent introduction to that other world. News Ticker. Tell a friend! Like this: Like Loading Jeffrey Thomas Punktown. He also likes bagels. So there.

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