The Path of Dreams

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I even -like almost every blogger- contemplate stopping a couple of days each week. The last big decision I had to make was when I was still living with my parents. My parents were moving to Spain. I wanted to be a psychologist. My parents did not like that very much. It did not have much job security. I dreamed that me and Carl Gustav Jung were taking to each other while we were walking in a garden. The grass was green.

I could not remember the conversation, but felt it guided me towards my inner longing. And truly, getting into University and meeting other psychology students was a sort of homecoming. Finally nobody wondered why i was asking so much. Or reading so much.

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Or wanted to know so much about my dreams. I felt at home. But soon the first disappointment came. There was not the slightest intention to talk about either Freud or Carl Jung. When I graduated I could not find a job.

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I started working dull stupid jobs way beyond my intellectual capacity. Little did I know that my work attitude was bad for my resume. Employers seemed to be looking for young people who had experience, but not wanting to be the company that provided that experience. It made me so incredibly sad that my parents had been right.

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So I started working on the chain gang. I was miserable. I had saved some money. So when I met the love of my life, he and me agreed that I should use my money to enable me to stay at home and guide our children. Enjoying them, guiding them.

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Meanwhile I kept on challenging my mind. I read more about different subjects: consciousness was and is one of my main topics of interest.

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The cosmos, and how it takes the tiniest parts to explain the big things has got me captured. When I leave Mindfunda behind, that is the thing I want to get into. I am driving and all of a sudden the road is not paved. There are stones and rocks. I panic: did I miss a sign? Should I have gotten off the road? Is it safe to drive her or will I ruin my car if I go on?

The Path O' Dreams by Thomas S. Jones Jr.

On my righthand side there is a freeway. But i can not see clearly enough if it is safe to take that turn. I am unable to see clearly who and what is driving on that freeway. Should I stay on the left hand side and take the broken up road? Is it my road? What do you think? And did you ever have dreams to guide you on the path of your life? Let me know in the comments.

The path of dreams

The thinking of a participant in the Path to Dreams program will be from a position of empowerment. They will look at a difficult situation and find ways to overcome it instead of ways to be defeated.

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