Natural Genius: The Gifts of Aspergers Syndrome

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Having a normal or better IQ can obviously be a good thing. It is a gift, permitting a person to learn and know, to push the envelope of intellectual ability, to rejoice in the pursuit of some realm of knowledge. It is also a major benefit as the person copes with his disability, giving him more to work with as he tries to find ways to compensate for areas of weakness.

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It can be a double-edged sword, however, both gift and curse. When someone is aware he is different, when, for all his intelligence, he is having a difficult time making friends, or getting a date, or keeping a job, he may end up far more prone to depression and despair than a less aware person with a lower IQ. It has indeed been found that children with both high-functioning autism and Asperger's suffer from depression and anxiety more than their typical peers.

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Another disadvantage of that normal-to-high intelligence is that many will take it to mean the person is not disabled, period. He may be viewed by a grade school teacher, for example, as an impossible, oppositional brat.

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Writes Tony Attwood:. It is essential that other people understand that the child is not being rude, but did not know a more tactful alternative or appreciate the effect on other people.

Chapter Eight. Empowering Parents. Fluent in four languages, she has worked extensively in cross-cultural areas such as language teaching, interpreting, translating and writing. She co-edited one of the first feminist science-fiction anthologies, administered a university Women's Studies program, and has written several articles and a book on fantasy and science fiction.

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