Get It Done: From Procrastination to Creative Genius in 15 Minutes a Day

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Instead of judging the procrastinator, Bennett shows how something valuable and powerful in the procrastinator is causing the delay. She highlights the hidden potential, the perfectionist fears, and the capabilities in such a way that the cynical reader actually believes her. Get it Done is humorous and accessible, encouraging and enlightening without being judgmental or legalistic.

The exercises prod the reader towards self-discovery and the completion of their dreamed-of work without falling into psycho-babble.


About the reviewer: Carole McDonnell is a writer of ethnic fiction, speculative fiction, Christian non-fiction, and Christian fiction. Her works have appeared in many anthologies and at various online sites. Barrier to taking action exhibit 3 — fear This barrier is, nine times out of ten, a sign that a new stage of growth is just around the corner. Being an entrepreneur means being willing to make decisions with some speed, but hopefully with some wisdom. And while a good decision is better than a slow decision, we would obviously prefer to make a good decision, quickly.

It is much easier to navigate through when you can hear the voice of the soul.

A Japanese Technique to Overcome Laziness

I wrote a short blog on this technique, but since then I am delighted to be able to share an information sheet that I found on the internet and loved; I asked the author, Tessa Casson was willing to share this with you all as a downloadable pdf. I hope they help — let me know how you go! Emotional Freedom Technique, or tapping on Meridian Points. Veronica loves life. What fascinated me about Veronica is that she has had some significant challenges in her life — and she has moved through these and brought her experience, knowledge, wisdom and positivity with her, in order to help women move past their own challenges into business success.

And her reaction to it — to spend up large, even more than you have, to counteract this set of beliefs that you feel no longer serve you. Abundance comes to those who know how to look after their money.

Hoarding and splurging are not abundant states! Veronica learned to embrace a more balanced money mind-set and that was an essential part of her learning on the way to financial abundance.

Get it Done - From Procrastination to Creative Genius in 15 Minutes a Day (Paperback)

One of the hallmarks of starting a business seems to be fear and procrastination — getting immobilised. She specialises in getting unstuck — and like many of us with a passion, she needed to learn how to get unstuck herself. Having learned this, she has brought back her lessons on getting unstuck and is sharing this with the world.

Remy shared with me:. Spiritual injury is something I define as something or someone that shatters your soul. The hurt the betrayal goes so deep, that you are literally shattered inside. And can I just tell you how much stuckness that can create? In every way, Remy has moved forward from that place of stuckness. She has created a range of books and courses to help women who are stuck like she was once, move forward with their lives.

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Make sure you listen up, because Remy has a lot of practical advice to share too, on how to make a decent living as a heart-centred entrepreneur. Meet Samantha Bennett. Samantha is an actor, writer and poet.

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She helps overwhelmed procrastinators, frustrated overachievers and recovering perfectionists everywhere with her publications and online training. I am excited about the free gift she offers too — as you will be when you find out what it is. For many years Samantha has taught creatives time management techniques, tweaked for the needs of the artistic entrepreneur. It is engagingly written, and full of practical exercises you can do.

Get It Done

It chunks down creativity so there is a clear, doable plan to get moving on those projects near to your heart. Highly recommended. She manages to be both entertaining and incredibly pragmatic and helpful to get you moving into abundance. Does it show that I am really excited about this series?

I am so looking forward to it starting on 1st March , and I would love to have you along! The book is The War of Art and among a number of mind-blowing gems is the importance of showing up, each and every day. Rather than being hypnotised by the enormity of an artistic endeavour, just-show-up;. The Muse takes note of our dedication. She approves… we become like a magnetized rod that attracts iron fillings. Ideas come. As if that is not enough to help you get out of procrastination and into doing, this gem on insight and encouragement to just sit down and get on with it appears in Book Two.

You will have already read Book One which dissects Resistance in its many ingenious forms. The Enemy Within; resistance as we all know it, Procrastination. There is something so helpful to see Resistance mapped out in its many forms that we can all recognise — self-dramatization, self-medication, sex, celebrity gossip, facebook… As each form of resistance is named its power seems to crumble. The book contains a warning of the daily nature of resistance and how it needs to be overcome not once or twice, but daily.

You will note that I am sitting down, blogging.

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