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Newer ones are priced way too high to ever have a wide readership. Sometimes you will find a detail that will amaze you and you will find nowhere else while at other times you will be horrified by what you read. Very technical. There is a rumor this series exists but it is priced so high that they apparently were not written to actually be read.

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You could perhaps mortgage your home or sell a few children and pick up a few copies to rank this one for yourself. The older volumes pre can be found used. Think liberal and very technical. This fine series, edited by the eminent D. Carson, only tackles the New Testament. Pastors will find its volumes accessible and enjoyable in most cases.

I own and have used about half of them. It is not complete either and I will never understand why its Romans volume by the preeminent scholar Leon Morris would be replaced before we get the first volume on several books of the New Testament. Another series with a little too-high pricing structure, but one you will enjoy having and likely the very best for a series only on the NT. My appreciation grows with every volume I review. Colossians and Philemon. A series that lacks the fame of the above series, though some are ranked high.

I have the two volumes of Luke and the one on Matthew that are good as well as a few others. Not priced as well as some. At this point, I do not rank as high as the other series above. Still, you will probably want several of the volumes. This is a major series. For that reason, scholars may love it more than pastors. Still, it is impressive. I Corinthians. II Corinthians.

This is a fine series. On the technical side it seems a little below the Word Biblical Commentary series but far better on commentary. Worth checking out, though some volumes may be less conservative than others from reports I have seen. Still, my opinion rises with every new volume I get! A slower release schedule than I expected. I have only used the volume on Proverbs and it is really good.

The other volumes have a good reputation though some have thought the 3 volumes on Psalms went farther left than expected. Only covers five books of the Bible, but the series is complete. Other Major Series: My experience with the Hermeneia and Old Testament Library series is that they will not please pastors with their overly technical and liberal offerings. Eerdmans Critical Commentaries are somewhat similar to the Anchor series and will not get much love.

The digital-only format they have now switched to will drive away even more. Not only will Sunday School teachers use these types of volumes, but pastors may find them good to arrive at the big picture, or to pick up a few more hints. These are exceptional and I can recommend to anyone. The OT volumes are being reassigned. These are a real help. Work at getting them all. I have loved my complete sets. Several OT volumes have recently been revised and I find them especially helpful.

The NT is under revision as well. Judges and Ruth Esther Psal ms. Another outstanding set with some really good contributors.

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The series is now complete and economical. I enjoy these commentaries and am glad my set is complete. I recommend them all. Think help with application with solid scholarly foundation. Far better on the whole than others of its kind.

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This old series from the late s and early s is well worth looking up on the used market. Solid as the Tyndale series and you will enjoy having both. Here is a critical perspective. I disagree with many conclusions here, but there are many theological insights. Most volumes read well. Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah. Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi.

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Watch for this new, exciting series. I highly recommend what I have seen so far. Romans Romans 1 Samuel Titus. This is really two sets. William Barclay does the entire NT. He is incredibly interesting but oddly anti-supernatural at times.

The OT set I have them all greatly varies both in the level of help and orthodoxy. Another critical series. Some entries are better than others. A good option to get the critical perspective in usually well-written volumes. Isaiah The New Century series and the old one actually are rather bland, brief, and liberal. My limited interaction with the Abingdon series has not excited me. The Interpretation series can provide interesting theological comment at times and nonsense at others.

Colossians #7 - God's Point of View, Expository Bible Commentary (Colossians 1:21-29)

They are all older, smaller paperbacks and are worth a dollar or two each. Though not part of an official series, Cyril Barber has written on most of the historical books. Find them if you can as they are hidden jewels. Here are some series that are especially helpful to expositors and are less well known. They overlap some with categories above, they make for especially enjoyable reading. Some of them come from the UK and are harder to track down.

They tend to be reformed, but all are warm and hold a high view of Scripture. They are strong exactly where exegetical commentaries are weak. Hard to find bargains, but valuable for sure. Very similar to Mentor. John Currid is highly regarded in the volumes he did, as are several others.

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Which is better: Mentor or EP? It is , and you will be a winner either way. Smaller but containing a few of my favorites including, especially, the wonderful volumes by Dale Ralph Davis on most of the OT historical books. SS teachers will love, but pastors will too. Related: Commentary Sets — here is a review of older sets as well as more devotional ones too. Bible Atlas. I got a batch of OT volumes from eBay at a good price and am reading the second volume of the Psalms commentary at the moment and liked them.